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Responsible businesses are looking for sustainable alternatives, to reduce their energy costs.

Environmental Benefits

No CO2 Pollution

Fossil fuel reliance leads to excessive CO2 emissions and air pollution, resulting in health issues and climate change effects like altered weather, rising seas, and ecological harm.

Low-impact energy source

Sunlight’s limitless accessibility contrasts with fossil fuels requiring damaging extraction, transport, and leading to ecological harm and potential disasters like oil spills.

Low-impact energy source

Solar power’s GHG-free nature will counter 93,022 tonnes CO2e annually, displacing 95,145 MWh/year fossil fuel-based electricity in India’s grid with high reliance on such sources.

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Gridfree Solar Energy Limited

Gridfree Solar Energy Limited (GSEL) Incorporated in 2018 in the solar business as an ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 certified company engaged in providing an end-to-end solution for Captive Power Producer (CPP), Rooftop Solar Solutions for Solar PV power projects & Distributors of solar modules.

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